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The Who, What, and Why of Upstream Hydrocarbon Allocations

Have you ever stopped to think about the critical nature of allocations in upstream oil and gas? Maybe not, as they’re embedded in your everyday routines and processes. By watching this recorded webinar , you’ll discover the importance of allocations and how they contribute to successful and profitable...

Detailed Downtime Tracking with P2 Merrick

Detailed tracking of the reasons why a well is down for any period of time provides valuable, time-sensitive insight into the necessary remediation measures an operator should take to get the well back onto production. Surprisingly, many E&Ps are not monitoring, tracking, and reporting on why their wells...

Production Forecasting: How To Make Accurate Predictions For Better Operations

Production Forecasting: How To Make Accurate Predictions For Better Operations
It’s no secret that today’s engineers are responsible for more wells. Forecasting production can be tedious, but good predictions inclusive of uncertainty are a prerequisite to efficient operations. Using surveillance by exception, reducing deferred production, and making timely field interventions all depend on having current and unbiased production...

Best Practices in Hydrocarbon Allocations

Best Practices in Hydrocarbon Allocations
In a perfect world, wells, field measurement, and their corresponding hydrocarbon allocations would be developed simultaneously, but fiscal limitations, regulations, and changing calculation requirements make the reality much more complex. And with multiple consumers and downstream processes within an upstream company relying on the results of these allocations,...