Tobin Insight For Service & Supply

Tobin Insight helps Oil & Gas Service & Supply companies uncover new business opportunities, fast. Intuitive dashboards give you a snapshot of permit and rig activity in your areas of interest. Easy-to-use reporting tools allow you to create customized reports identifying sales opportunities based on your specific criteria. It’s the all-in-one business intelligence tool you need to capitalize on key revenue opportunities.

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Tobin Insight - Tobin Insight For Service & Supply


Tobin Insight - Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Service and supply companies need to know where permits are being pulled and rigs are being deployed. Use the Tobin Insight for Service & Supply platform to keep tabs on all of this information. The next step, of course, is to go out and earn new business.

Tobin Insight - Market Metrics By Geography

Market Metrics By Geography

The platform’s dashboards show you who the top 10 permitting companies, producing operators, and rig holders are by region and play. Monitor a couple of counties/plays or a whole bunch of them, depending on how much business you’re looking to pick up.

Tobin Insight - Customized Reports

Customized Reports

Data stored in a cloud application is all well and good, but it doesn’t mean much if you can’t make effective use of it. With Tobin Insight, create custom, easy-to-understand reports and export to Excel to manipulate for your specific business requirements.