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Tobin Insight integrates public data with the information from your diverse datasets and presents it in geospatial displays, giving you the context and clarity needed to make quick, well-informed decisions for your business. View permit, well, production, proprietary, third-party, and other important data all in one place. Analyze trends via presentation-ready graphs and charts to uncover and capitalize on key opportunities.

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Tobin Insight harnesses the power of Google Maps, giving you a familiar and intuitive mapping framework for consuming data and executing your plans.


Tobin Insight For Exploration & Production

Tobin Insight For Exploration & Production

Tobin Insight for E&P is an application that helps operators make sense of the data-thick, high-speed E&P landscape. The application gives you the ability to access the market metrics – permit, rig, and operator data – you need to make every decision count. It also gives you key insight into how the wells are performing in your areas of interest. With Tobin Insight for E&P, developing exploration and partnership plans has never been easier. 

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Tobin Insight For Service & Supply

Tobin Insight For Service & Supply

Tobin Insight for Service & Supply is an oilfield data platform that tracks petroleum production, drilling permits, and other key data for millions of North American oil and gas wells. The platform takes market intelligence – accurate and up-to-date drilling data – and combines it with your company’s proprietary data in intuitive mapping, analytics, and reporting tools. The integrated data gives you a complete view of your business and the marketplace, helping you make faster, more prudent business decisions.

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Tobin Insight is a 21st-century solution for 21st-century oil and gas teams. It's not only a cinch to use, but it’s also cloud-based to ensure immediate data updates and widespread access.

Keep Your Workforce Connected

Tobin Insight’s web and mobile apps keep your workforce connected at all times, whether they’re on the road or in the office.

Easy To Use

Powered by the intuitive Google Maps, Tobin Insight gives you the ability to analyze your data using a highly flexible and familiar mapping framework.

Highly Scalable & Reliable

Tobin Insight manages your data from the cloud, so you’ll never have to worry about internal server capacity or network slowdown issues.

Zero-Touch Deployment & Low Cost

Because Tobin Insight is cloud-based, there’s no need to install expensive software. That means no downtime for deployments, updates, or upgrades, and minimal load on your internal IT infrastructure.