Reserves Management Software

Reserves Management Done Right. Managing reserves is a critical function of any E&P enterprise. Yet a vast majority of companies handle their reserves in spreadsheets or on insufficient software. Working with seasoned reserves professionals, P2 created a reserves solution that provides auditability and insight into their most important assets.

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Reserves Data Management

Effective reserves management requires the collating of information from various sources and departments. Managing this influx can be tedious to the point of creating a dependency on headache medicine. The tedious nature of the data management, especially in spreadsheets, exposes companies to incomplete and/or inaccurate information possibly leading to gross misstatements in reserves. Through connector modules and spreadsheet loaders P2 not only integrates within your existing solution ecosystem but preserves all your hard work. Our mantra is “work the way you want to work,” and the flexible and configurable reserves management solution P2 offers exemplifies that billing. 

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Periodical Reserves Reporting

While others’ reserve management systems may give you a system of record, oftentimes they are virtually impossible to report on. All too often, changes to a report up the chain of command become iterative, dragging out how much time is spent on reporting in pressured reporting seasons. So P2 put an OLAP cube within P2 Managed Reserves giving you unparalleled analytics. Query, filter, and report on all that data across all the systems you bring into Managed Reserves, instantaneously. That report due at the end of the week? Get it done yesterday.

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Reserves Auditing

Public companies are subject to auditing all the time, but even private companies face an audit when dealing with merger and acquisition scenarios. Messy spreadsheets and opaque management systems force hundreds of thousands of dollars in consulting and burning up countless man hours to straighten everything out. A true reserves management system should not only provide an auditable record of every change throughout every workflow, but deliver that information in an aggregate output that allows quick identification of management errors so reserve managers no longer lose days to a single error in their vast reserves system.

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P2 Managed Reserves

Your reserves are too important to continue to manage them via dated software and archaic processes. P2 Managed Reserves is highly configurable and integrates seamlessly so you and your company can keep doing what you’re doing, but with faster more reliable results.

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