Production Forecasting

Oil and gas production forecasts are challenging to generate with certainty but are absolutely necessary for decision-making processes and reserves reporting. P2’s Production Forecasting solution, Powered by Beta Zi, is a physics based forecasting solution that utilizes predictive analytics to generate P1 to P99 production forecasts up to 50 years into the future without human intervention. This allows your analysts and engineers to spend less time on the mechanics of production forecasting and more time on making critical operational decisions backed by accurate data.


Autonomous, Probabilistic

Using Big Data and predictive analytics, generates oil and gas P1-P99 forecasts.

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Baseline for Operations, Engineering and Economics Workflows

Forecasts available to everyone in the organisation through Carte

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Stochastic Aggregation

Statistically correct rollups available at every level of your Carte hierarchy.

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Full Spread of Uncertainty

P1-P99 Forecasts results available for every active well.

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