Production Data Management

To eliminate data discrepancies and "downstream" errors, production information should be stored and managed in a single location.  The operational data store provided by P2's Production Data Management solution delivers a single source of the truth for better reporting and quicker decision-making.  The solution also handles hydrocarbon allocations of all complexities and has strong revenue-system integration, enabling your revenue accounts to make accurate payments to partners and royalty owners.


Operational Data Store

Integrate multiple sources for collaborative operations and reporting

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Sales & Production Reconciliation

Drive accuracy from production through revenue

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Hydrocarbon Accounting

Allocate liquids and gas to producing formations

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Oil & Water Management

Manage inspections, inventories and liquid movements

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Regulatory Compliance

Reduce risk associated with production regulatory filings

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Loss & Deferment Accounting

Availability and loss detection, allocation, analysis and reporting.

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Adhoc Reporting and Analysis

Visualize, graph and analyze production data by a single well, field or across all your assets.

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