Oil and Gas Production Software

A successful production program and overall company success go hand in hand. In today's highly competitive landscape, oil and gas production must be optimized at all times, which means data capture and validation, real-time data visualization, event and alert monitoring, smooth allocations, and seamless shift handovers must all come together in a cohesive way. This is where P2 Production Solutions come in.

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Production - Field Operations

Field Operations

Oil and gas production data is the lifeblood of every exploration and production company. But production information is only one piece of the Field Operations puzzle. Data from automated sources, like SCADA, must be integrated with manually captured data; field operators’ routes and tasks need to be managed and optimized; and information in electronic logbooks, such as shift notes and issues, needs to be tracked and managed. P2’s Field Operations software facilitates all these activities, allowing the field and the back office to be connected.

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Production - Production Data Management

Production Data Management

To eliminate data discrepancies and “downstream” errors, production information should be stored and managed in a single location. The operational data store provided by P2’s Production Data Management software delivers a single source of the truth for better reporting and quicker decision-making. The solution also handles hydrocarbon allocations of all complexities and has strong revenue-system integration, enabling your revenue accounts to make accurate payments to partners and royalty owners.

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Production - Production Forecasting

Production Forecasting

Oil and gas production forecasts are challenging to generate with certainty but are absolutely necessary for decision-making processes and reserves reporting. P2’s Production Forecasting software, Powered by Beta Zi, predicts P1 to P99 production at any point in the future, creates a histogram, and calculates ultimate recovery – all without human intervention. Important why? Because this allows your analysts and engineers to spend less time on the mechanics of productions forecasting and more time on making critical operational decisions backed by accurate data.

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Production - Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence

Every upstream oil and gas company wants its wells to be more profitable. P2’s Operational Intelligence software integrates the information from all of your data sources and leverages exception-based surveillance (EBS) processes, which monitor your assets and trigger alerts and tasks when predefined events occur. Together, these tools and processes empower production teams to manage more wells and minimize, or even prevent, production deferments. The result? Better bottom-line performance for your organization.

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Our integrated solutions can help you cut operating expenses, ensure a safer environment in the field, and realize the highest return on investment from your assets and third-party packages dispersed across your enterprise.

Well Test Capture & Validation

P2 allows operators and engineers to plan, execute, capture, calculate, and analyze well test data in a consistent manner.

Electronic Shift Handover

P2 provides a single environment that captures performance information, enabling users to view, record, and manage shift events and information.

Event & Alert Monitoring

P2’s real-time Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine rapidly accesses and analyzes vast amounts of data and provides immediate notifications.

Production Accounting

P2 simplifies the allocation process with an engine that can track all dispositions on a daily and monthly basis.

Loss & Availability Accounting

P2 facilitates the detection, allocation, analysis, and reporting on loss and availability events that occur in the production environment.

Regulatory Reporting

P2 simplifies the regulatory reporting process by integrating the report creation with production allocations accounting for paper and electronic filling.

Production Operations Products

P2 Energy Solutions’ Production Operations solutions assure business controls, transparency, and full audit trail capabilities required for implementing compliance best practices and optimizing well operations.