P2® Resource Center

Welcome to the P2 Resource Center! Here you’ll find a variety of things that are intended to educate and enlighten – all in the name of helping P2 customers and prospective customers better understand how they can successfully navigate the upstream oil and gas market. Read, watch, and enjoy.


Whether you’re a land, accounting, or production professional, these articles will speak to your specific challenges within upstream oil and gas. Find new ways of thinking and solutions to common issues in the field and back office. For more blogs, click here.

Case Studies 

Stories that detail successful implementation and use of P2’s products and solutions. These case studies help others ascertain the value behind choosing industry-specific software to augment upstream processes. For more case studies, click here.


In-depth resources for land, accounting, and production personnel who are looking for unique ways to address everyday challenges. These eBooks and guides are designed to help upstream operators find smarter, more efficient and effective ways to get their jobs done. 

On-Demand Webinars 

Get to know some of P2’s product leaders in our series of webinars meant to inform and engage. These on-demand webinars are great tools for learning about the upstream industry at large, as well as how our solutions help solve complex problems. For more webinars, click here

Product Profiles 

P2 has over 30 years of experience in upstream oil and gas software and possesses many of the industry’s leading products. These profiles showcase some of our most well-known software products.  

Qbyte eLearning 

Designed to help P2’s Canadian customers use their Qbyte applications as effectively as possible, Thirty-Minute Thursdays virtual learning sessions cover tips, tricks, and training for all Qbyte products: Qbyte Financial, Qbyte Metrix, Qbyte CS Land, and Qbyte Optix. For the full series, click here.


Short accounts into how land, production, and accounting professionals alike can optimize processes for better performance. Two and three-minute videos offer an easy way to digest important information.  

Land Videos 


Production Videos 

Accounting Videos 

Outsourcing Videos