P2 Oil and Gas Integrated Solutions

Integrating Upstream Oil & Gas Operations. Combining the power of P2’s best-in-class accounting, land management, geospatial data, and production operations applications, P2 Oil & Gas delivers an integrated solution designed with your unique upstream workflows and back office needs in mind.

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Back Office

Reduce your firm’s dependency on manual spreadsheets and generic off-the-shelf accounting packages. As the backbone of P2 Oil & Gas, Back Office combines P2’s best-of-breed accounting with our powerful data visualization and reporting engine to deliver unparalleled operational transparency and business performance clarity.


For firms growing by aggressively acquiring and operating existing properties, or developing new leases through active drilling programs, we offer P2 Oil & Gas Enterprise. Our Enterprise integrated solution enables true operational transparency – delivering clear insights across workflows and fueling decisions that drive business growth.


Oil & Gas Accounting

Your back office is where it all comes together. It can be a patchwork of disparate systems and manual spreadsheets prime for errors and inefficiencies, or it can be a well-oiled machine delivering accurate and timely insight, and robust records. P2 Oil & Gas ensures your back office holds up and delivers.

Land Management

With P2’s integrated land management and mapping system, anyone from lease analysts to company executives can gain on-the-spot answers to advanced land questions. This type of empowerment and operational transparency are essential for smooth land management in today’s highly competitive energy marketplace.

Production Operations

Reduce time managing your operational data and spend more time leveraging it to optimize operations. P2 helps you optimize your production through an integrated production operations solution. Collect and manage data in the field, obtain timely insights via online dashboards, perform production allocations, and achieve tight interoperability with revenue and cost accounting.

Geospatial Data

The best cartographic maps can be a catalyst to efficiency. P2’s mapping solutions enable informed business decisions ensuring accurate land management. Easily and efficiently organize, create, display, and manage geospatial data for land and lease recording; streamline workflows; and maintain well site activity and ownership.