Mining Production Solutions

Mining Production Solutions for Resource Professionals. In today's demand-based mining environment, time-to-market is paramount. Companies are under pressure to rapidly establish operations, improve throughput, and deliver predicted grade quality. They're also looking to maximise labour resources and improve efficiency by streamlining communications and collaboration. By managing and automating essential business processes, P2's Production Solutions can help your mining company do all this and more, maximising the effectiveness of your supply chain from the pit to the ship.

Production Operations

Capture production and other facility-related data, then validate it for accurate reporting and shift turnover management.

Production Data Management

Drive quantity and quality toward capacity in real time, track variance to plan, manage downtime, and integrate revenues.

Operational Intelligence

Increase throughput and quality by monitoring leading indicators and leveraging real-time diagnostic capabilities to connect operators to the data they need to understand trends, identify anomalies, and fix problems with their assets.

Take Control with P2 Production Solutions


Lower Operational Expenses

Empower your engineers to efficiently manage a larger portfolio of assets.

Increase Production

Quickly identify underperforming assets to reduce downtime and restore production to optimal levels.

Achieve Operational Excellence

Drive efficiency and reduce errors and redundant work with intergrated workflows and collaboration tools.