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Your Company’s Success Depends On It. Land management is a crucial link in the upstream value chain. Why? Because the health of every exploration and production organization depends on it. When done well, companies prosper and grow. When done poorly, companies run into snags and fall behind. So what does “good land management” look like? Combine interactive mapping, streamlined lease acquisitions, automated recommendation processes, and one-click data analysis and you’ve got your answer.



Lease Acquisition | Oil and Gas Land Management | P2 Energy Solutions


Landmen must move quickly during lease-acquisition phases if they want to secure the best leases in the best exploration areas. The lease-acquisition process in its traditional form is slow and tedious, though. P2 iLandMan solves this challenge by slashing lease-cycle times from months to hours.

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Real Time Data Management | Oil and Gas Land Management | P2 Energy Solutions

Data Management

When high-dollar investments are at stake, every decision made in the Land department must be sound. But when gleaning information from paper reports and spreadsheets is a team’s way of doing things, it’s easy to overlook critical details and make costly mistakes. P2 Land’s interactive map cracks the code of this challenge by displaying real-time information in an easily consumable way.

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Land Data Clarity | Oil and Gas Land Management | P2 Energy Solutions

Land Acreage and Depth Data Clairty

To plot the company’s next land move, landmen must know what their organization owns and at what depths. In their effort to compile this information, many landmen resort to combing through stacks of paper – an unreliable process to say the least. P2 Land provides reliability by presenting acreage and depth information on a real-time map.

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Automate Your Recommendation Process

Never miss a payment or obligation with P2 Land’s eCalendar module, which lets you create online recommendation calendars for anytime, anywhere access.

Zoom To Map From Your Leases

P2 Land lets you click on any one of your leases and quickly see where it’s located on the map.

View Leases Tied To Shut-In Wells

Use P2 Land’s map to see which of your wells are shut-in, so payments can be made where applicable.

Manage Your Brokers In The Field

As your brokers acquire leases using P2 iLandMan, watch from the back office to make sure your instructions are being followed.

One-Click Integration Speeds Lease Acquisitions

One click of P2 iLandMan sends lease information to your land system for immediate review and approval.

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