Application Management Services (AMS)

At P2, ensuring that our solutions meet our customers’ everyday needs – both in a functional and technical sense – is our top priority. While not all customers view hosting as the best fit for their organizations, hosted and self-hosted clients alike agree that P2 Cloud is by far the most qualified to manage and maintain the application environment and software.

Application Monitoring

P2 provides application monitoring tools and expertise to proactively identify situations where a P2 solution is not operating normally or hardware monitoring may not be in place. Monitoring alerts can be configured to notify P2 Support staff and your internal support staff simultaneously to help ensure a proactive and timely resolution to an event affecting your business.

Database Administrator (DBA) Services

For a lot of companies, it just doesn’t make financial sense to retain full-time database administrators. P2’s DBAs are the experts in database technologies behind our software, and the AMS model spreads the cost of this expertise across a large customer base, saving you money and giving you access to the expertise you need. Our DBAs can configure and monitor your backups, perform your restores, refresh nonproduction database environments, and assist in optimizing your database environment, just to name a few of the services.

System Administration Services

P2’s team possesses the skills and expertise required to optimize the configuration of the supporting operating systems, monitor the performance of the P2 solutions, and maintain the solutions (e.g., applying patches and upgrades) to keep your systems operating at their peak. This team is here to help when you need a new test or training environment set up, and no team has performed more installations and upgrades than this group. We have the skills and experience; you have them available on demand.

Managed Services Options