Custom Mapping

Nothing beats the ability to customize your own oil and gas maps. Tobin’s Custom Mapping team puts the power of creativity in your hands and allows you to work more efficiently using a high level of accuracy in a digital or hardcopy format.

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Custom Digital Lease & Ownership

We take pride in the collaboration process with our clients. Helping you create the perfect map needed to meet your specific requirements is everything to us. At Tobin, we have dedicated departments that offer effective ways to tailor your digital lease and ownership data the way you need it. 

Benefits Include:

  • Let our GIS department do the work for you; as a result, you will save on overhead, software licenses, and staffing
  • Control your costs with pre-approval and a contract-by-contract structure
  • All custom maps belong solely to you  
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Tobin Photogrammetric Mapping

High-quality photogrammetric products and services is what we do. Our experienced, certified Tobin photogrammetrists specialize in registered public land surveyors and photogrammetric stereo compilers. These products and services have been successfully employed by people in architecture, government administration, engineering, forestry, mining, pipeline operations, and oil and gas.

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Tobin Pipeline Services

Developing an accurate, certified pipeline centerline is key. That’s why we work closely with our clients on the preparation of a basic centerline pipeline route. When using survey and cultural landbase features, our custom services department establishes tie points along the line from a generalized pipeline system.

Meet a wide variety of business applications with:

  • Pipeline assignment sheets
  • One-call reporting
  • Pipeline integrity management
  • Public awareness program
  • Risk assessment
  • Ad valorem tax determination
  • Right-of-way management
  • Permit tracking
  • Contract management
  • Environmental analysis
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