Petroleo2 is the subsidiary of P2 Energy Solutions, a global technology company that provides a comprehensive range of software, geospatial data, land management tools, and outsourcing to the energy industry. With more than 80 years of experience in data and 30 years in software, P2 has offices around the world, and employs over 700 people.

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P2 Beyond Compliance

P2’s Beyond Compliance is an integrated compliance management software suite which helps organizations efficiently administer Health, Safety, Environment and Regulatory compliance obligations. Beyond Compliance facilitates field data collection and compliance-related workflow activities, including deficiency identification, corrective action management and reporting. It addresses the important areas of field inspections, worker competency incident management, change management and audit. Beyond Compliance is an integrated Compliance Management System that provides real-time compliance management, support and field productivity through automation.

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P2 Enterprise Upstream

P2’s Enterprise Upstream is an oil and gas specific financial and production management solution. Enterprise Upstream handles hydrocarbon accounting, volumes management, and business intelligence for E&P companies ranging from midsize independents to the super majors and national oil companies (NOCs).

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IDEAS is a management system designed exclusively for companies with international operations of engineering and petroleum, which handles the finances, operations, business intelligence, workflow management and relationships with suppliers and partners. IDEAS can be used by junior or medium size companies to major independents.

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P2 Managed Reserves

P2 Managed Reserves is an enterprise tool for all E&Ps to more effectively manage hydrocarbon portfolios and internal reserves management processes. All participants of the reserves reporting process, from Technicians and Engineers to Managers and Executives are given controlled actions to preform revisions, import production information, or endorsement authority to reduce the need for paper or electronic spreadsheet workflows. To streamline the traditional reserves management process, users can easily facilitate the collaboration, consolidation and classification of reserves information from different Petroleum Systems, like PRMS, SEC or proprietary definitions to ultimately optimize decision quality through the utilization of web-based reports and visual analytics.

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P2 Production Manager

Production Manager, powered by Merrick, offers complete, end-to-end solutions for production management and hydrocarbon accounting. Designed to help oil and gas companies monitor and improve production operations and results, and for the effective collection, accounting and reporting of accurate and validated production data, P2 Production Manager is optimized for all types of operations – onshore/offshore and conventional/unconventional.

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