P2 Qbyte Metrix

Qbyte Metrix is the complete solution for production, revenue, royalty, and regulatory reporting requirements for Canadian oil and gas producers. Designed to deliver productivity advantages and greater efficiencies for new and experienced production accountants alike, Metrix is simple yet robust, ensuring the best use of a production accountant's time and accommodating those complex requirements when needed.

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P2 Qbyte Metrix


Time Saving

We are continuously adding new features and improving existing processes to make sure users are working as efficiently as possible. For example, the Mass Owner Update allows users to easily update the DOI, inventory, royalty, and fee details on a global and/or area level. EPAP validations have also been added to help identify issues prior to finalizing and submitting splits and government reports. 

Flexible Setup

Qbyte Metrix is simple, yet robust – ensuring the best use of a production accountant's time and accommodating complex requirements when needed. Basic processes can be setup quickly and easily, using the base production accounting modules. If the base modules aren’t sufficient, advanced features are available to be setup and can handle even the most complex scenarios. Qbyte Metrix provides you the flexibility to setup the functionality you need, when you need it.


Government & Industry Regulations

Qbyte Metrix is always evolving to stay in accordance with industry standards and major government reporting in Canada. We participate in new industry initiatives to better understand how upcoming changes will impact our customers and what we can do to help. For your Petrinex changes, IOGC/PrairieSky royalty calculations and fuel/flare reporting, Qbyte Metrix is the solution.

Powerful Reporting

Qbyte Optix is so much more than just a reporting tool, it has over 150 industry- and government-specific reports for Qbyte Metrix. Qbyte Optix will enable you to schedule, group, and share your reports with the rest of your organization. Self-service, ad-hoc reports empower users to get the data they need in a quick and easy manner. Most importantly, Qbyte Optix reports across all Qbyte products and provides the ablity to run cross-product data comparisons, data mashups, and bridge reports.


Purpose Built

Qbyte Metrix is purpose built to follow the Canadian production accounting process, complete with quick and easy access to all your data.

Audit, Control, & Secure

Have peace of mind with field-level auditing, validation table-driven data entry, and role-based security.

Improved Data Quality

Proactively manage your data quality with easy to read warning and error messages.  This includes EPAP validations and trending analysis.

Available on the P2 Cloud

The P2 Cloud provides the scalability, security and accessibility that you need, while reducing your IT and hardware costs.

Integrates Easily

Master file integration and the one-step interface with Qbyte FM is available out of the box. Qbyte Metrix can also integrate easily with third-party software solutions.


No matter your company’s size, no matter it’s plans – Qbyte Metrix stands ready.

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