P2® Qbyte Metrix

The market leader in production accounting software for upstream oil and gas professionals for over 30 years.

Qbyte Metrix is the complete solution for production, revenue, royalty, and regulatory reporting requirements for Canadian oil and gas producers.


Government & Industry Regulations

Qbyte Metrix is always evolving to stay in accordance with industry standards and major government reporting in Canada. We participate in new industry initiatives to better understand how upcoming changes will impact our customers and what we can do to help.

Flexible Setup

Qbyte Metrix is well organized and robust, ensuring the best use of a production accountant's time and accommodating complex requirements when needed. Fits startups to customers producing 200,000+ BOE/day.

Powerful Reporting With Qbyte Optix

Qbyte Optix is a single application that reports across Qbyte Financial, Qbyte Metrix, and Qbyte CS Land. This includes cross-product data comparison for divisions of interest and well information. The ability to drill down to master and transactional data will help your teams work better together.

Why P2 Qbyte Metrix?

ENSURES all your production and revenue accounting business is handled effectively and accurately within one application


STREAMLINES cross-department communication allowing for faster exchange of data and information


REPLACES spreadsheets and manual, error-prone processes with best-in-class software that boasts an intuitive UI built for growth-oriented customers

ELIMINATES data entry errors and duplication of effort through effective process automations including Qbyte Financial integration, imports, and spreadsheet uploads and mass ownership updates


AUTOMATES time-consuming production and revenue accounting practices enabling staff to be more efficient

Why P2 Qbyte?

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