P2 Qbyte Financial

Qbyte Financial is the most widely used oil and gas accounting solution in Canada.  

Designed specifically for the Canadian upstream oil and gas industry, Qbyte Financial is a comprehensive financial, and joint venture accounting package, complete with management reporting and analysis. Our best-in-class software has over 180 customers, 5,000 users, and more than 30 years of experience supporting the oil and gas industry.  Qbyte Financial is the application growth-oriented companies can count on.

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Modern Interface for a Modern World

Qbyte Financial is a modern web-based application that was designed to improve the user experience by making it intuitive and easy to use at all levels. Leveraging web-based technology, Qbyte Financial provides users instant access to reporting and online help.

Powerful Reporting

Qbyte Optix is a single application that reports across Qbyte Financial, Qbyte Metrix and Qbyte CS Land. This includes cross product data comparison for divisions of interests and well information. The ability to drilldown to master and transactional data will help your teams work better together.

Automated Integration and Interfaces

Qbyte Financial provides built-in integration and interfaces. Optimize your processes with industry accepted third party applications using Qbyte Gateway. Other common production accounting and land interfaces are supported.

Search Like Never Before

Using Qbyte Financial’s leading-edge search functionality, users can quickly access and zero in on the specific records they need resulting in less time spent on looking for information and more time dedicated to important tasks.

Cloud-Based or On-Premise Solution

Qbyte Financial can be hosted on the P2 Cloud or installed on-premise by our experienced team.

Step-by-Step Monthly Processing

Our one step month end process will meet all your oil and gas accounting requirements including overhead, allocations, and joint interest billings to your partners. Generate your net interest transactions on demand, schedule to run automatically or at month end.

Why P2 Qbyte Financial

ENSURES all your accounting business is handled effectively and accurately within one application. We support multiple currencies, full audit reporting and handle all your IFRS and ESTMA requirements


STREAMLINES cross-department communication allowing for faster exchange of data and information

ELIMINATES data entry errors and duplication of effort through effective business processes including Qbyte Metrix and Qbyte CS Land integration, spreadsheet uploads, mass ownership updates and reverse billings


AUTOMATES time-consuming accounting practices enabling staff to be more efficient

Why P2 Qbyte

Configurable software that can be implemented quickly


Active and supportive user community

Extensive Wiki knowledge base

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