P2® Qbyte CS Land

More than 260 Canadian oil and gas companies rely on Qbyte CS Land to manage their complex and ever-changing land management requirements.

Qbyte CS Land is a solution designed specifically to capture, validate, and report on all your critical land, contract, and joint interest data. It provides the capability and tools to easily manage data entry and updates with limited user effort, while providing the checks and balances to help ensure high-quality data. 

P2 Qbyte CS Land


Public Data Asset Integration

The Qbyte CS Land asset utility can update all your operates and non-operated well, pipeline, and facility data directly from the gDC or IHS datahub - eliminating hours of monthly data entry and keeping your data up to date. It also provides you the ability to find missing wells from your database based on your mineral rights held and legal locations.

Financial Integration

New Cost Centres and Business Associates are automatically created in Qbyte CS Land once they are set up in Qbyte Financial, ensuring that your master data remains in sync and limiting duplication of data entry.

Powerful Reporting With Qbyte Optix

Qbyte Optix is a single application that reports across Qbyte Financial, Qbyte Metrix and Qbyte CS Land. This includes cross product data comparison for divisions of interest and well information. The ability to drilldown to master and transactional data will help your teams work better together.

Why P2 Qbyte Land?

SECURELY manage land assets in the cloud allowing 24/7 access to your data from anywhere in the world


MAXIMIZE revenue potential by using the Third Party module combined with Utility updates accessing public data to help ensure you're getting all of your Road Use revenue


REALIZE your data's potential with powerful, easy-to-use web-based reporting. Qbyte Optix offers greater flexibility for accessing the data you need, your way; save, schedule, email, and even share your reports

ENSURE top-rated application support through live, local helpdesk interactions and ongoing, no charge customer training initiatives


FLEXIBILITY with optional Qbyte Exchange spreadsheet module for mass loading (think aquisitions!) or updating on mass your valuable land records


REDUCE property acquisition costs when you are using the same land software as most other companies – you never know what the future may bring


Why P2 Qbyte?

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