P2 Qbyte CS Land

More than 260 Canadian oil and gas companies rely on Qbyte CS Land to manage their complex and ever-changing land management requirements. Qbyte CS Land is a solution designed specifically to capture, validate, and report on all your critical land, contract, and joint interest data. It provides the capability and tools to easily manage data entry and updates with limited user effort, while providing the checks and balances to help ensure high-quality data. 

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P2 Qbyte CS Land


Public Data Asset Integration

The Qbyte CS Land asset utility can update all your operated and non-operated well, pipeline, and facility data directly from the GDC or IHS datahub – eliminating hours of monthly data entry and keeping your data up to date. It also provides you the ability to find missing wells from your database based on your mineral rights held and legal locations, ensuring you have all the data you need.

Automated Road-Use Fee Management

Ensure that you’re accurately billing road users and maximizing your revenue by using Qbyte CS Land’s  road-use utility. Maintenance fees can all be updated via the utility, which pulls in user well production data from the GDC or IHS datahub to recommend the correct road-use status. Those updates can then be automatically loaded into the road-use agreement, saving hours a month of manual effort and keeping your records accurate. 

Financial Integration

New Cost Centres and Business Associates are automatically created in Qbyte CS Land once they are setup in Qbyte FM, ensuring that your master data remains in sync and limiting duplication of data entry. Coming back from Qbyte CS Land is the road-use invoice and rental payment details that Qbyte FM uses to create invoices and payment vouchers – eliminating the need for manual entry and ensuring data accuracy.

Powerful Reporting

Qbyte Optix is a flexible and powerful reporting application that provides users with unmatched reporting functionality. Formatted reports with drill-down functionality give users the ability to view data at a high-level and drill down for more details when required. Qbyte Optix also includes self-service ad-hoc reports that give users the ability to get the data they need in a quick and easy manner. Most importantly, Qbyte Optix reports across all Qbyte products and has the ablity to run cross-product data comparisons, data mashups, and bridge reports.


Reduced Data Entry

Reduce data entry by taking advantage of advanced features such as mass updates, templates, and public data utilites.

Easy to Use

The intuitive user interface allows users to enter data efficiently and easily navigate to find the information they need. 

Audit, Control & Security

Have peace of mind with field level auditing, validation table-driven data entry, and role-based security.

Available on the P2 Cloud

The P2 Cloud provides the scalability, security, and accessibility that you need, while reducing your IT and hardware costs.

Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry

Master file integration along with the road-use and rental interfaces with Qbyte FM eliminate the need to duplicate data entry between the two applications.


No matter your company’s size or growth plans, Qbyte CS Land stands ready.

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