P2 Workflow

P2 Workflow streamlines your business processes, automates daily interactions, increases visibility, and drives efficiencies.

More than just a business process management software, P2 Workflow includes packaged workflows that you can use immediately, connect together, or use as templates to build unique processes. With the ability to integrate across P2 and third-party solutions, there are no limits to the business processes that can be created. Powered by globally-deployed mobile enabled technology, this cross-domain, cross-department, whole-office solution helps drive optimal organizational performance.

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P2 Workflow creates efficiencies by automating tasks that are often done manually outside the system, sometimes spanning the entire organization. Leveraging ProcessMaker, a market-leading workflow engine, P2 Workflow offers predefined upstream oil- and gas-specific workflows, such as revenue close processing and new entitlement deck notifications.

Keyless Accounting

P2 Workflow assists in automating your accounting – from Accounts Payable to Revenue Close – simplifying your day, which saves you money by saving you time.  We give you the ability to power through these processes so you can focus on analysis, instead of processing itself.

Document Management

Streamlining processes, P2 Workflow keeps all your records in one predefined location – keeping you from rummaging through old notes and emails. P2 Workflow will serve as your file cabinet while also capturing data not included in your other software, such as source documentation and details surrounding new wells.

Configurable Approvals

P2 Workflow delivers the ability to define and track all approvals needed for your business. Create, track, and audit every approval for all of your processes – from AP payments and wire requests to ownership transfers and new data set ups.  

Cross Department Notifications

P2 Workflow automates cross-department communication and ensures critical tasks don’t get dropped. The custom-built notifications ensure all necessary parties stay in the know.



P2 Workflow helps identify bottlenecks and provides the tools you need to eliminate them.

Process Auditing

To eradicate guess work, P2 Workflow provides an easy-to-follow trail of everything your company does.

Time Management

Use the P2 Workflow timer functionality to run reports or start a workflow on time, every time.


P2 Workflow provides a clear line of sight into each step of your workflows with an easy-access process map to view what has been done and what is needed next.

Create Efficiencies

P2 Workflow provides a system of record for all the hard-to-track details you manage every day.

Mobile Processing

P2 Workflow allows for business management on the move, enabling you to keep your processes moving forward from anywhere.