P2® Workflow

P2 Workflow streamlines business processes, automates daily interactions, increases visibility, and drives efficiencies in upstream oil and gas.

More than just a business process management software, P2 Workflow includes packaged workflows that you can use immediately, connect together, or use as templates to build unique processes. With the ability to integrate across P2 and third-party solutions, there are no limits to the business processes that can be created. Powered by globally-deployed, mobile-enabled technology, this cross-domain, cross-department, whole-office solution helps drive optimal organizational performance.



P2 Workflow reduces time spent on manual and heavy data entry and repetitive processes, and reminds you what work still needs to be completed. 


P2 Workflow's web-based mobile interface allows for use anywhere, at any time, online or off, to keep your business running no matter where you are.


P2 Workflow integrates across all P2 products as well as hundreds of third-party products to streamline processes end to end. 


P2 Workflow enables continuous process improvement and open communication and eliminates bottlenecks that cause inefficiencies across your organization. 

Why P2 Workflow?

PROVIDES a fully configurable interface that serves your needs, your processes, and your people


DIGITIZES all content associated with business processes so nothing, small or big, is ever dropped again


CONNECTS your data and your people in one central location that can be accessed from anywhere

ELIMINATES mistakes often caused by manual tasks and dual data entry into multiple systems


ALLOWS users to complete tasks and processes on time, every time


MAINTAINS a system of record for all the processes you manage every day, creating an easy-to-follow audit trail 

P2 Workflow Features

Task automation

Automated cross-department communication

Simplified ownership process

Streamlined document upload & retrieval

Single point of entry for master data

Exception notifications

Approval creation, tracking, and auditing

Integration across the P2 suite, document management systems, and third-party systems

Packaged workflows that can be used as templates to build unique processes


The P2 Workflow Team


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