P2® Well Test

Well Test Management, Multiphase Flow Rate Calculation and Reporting  P2 Well Test provides a web-based user interface that allows operators and engineers to plan, execute, capture, calculate, and analyse well test data in a consistent manner, independent of any specific control system and/or data historian. Detailed trending of well and test equipment parameters allow operators and engineers to visualize the high frequency data utilizes when performing a test.

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Automatic or Manual Testing

P2 Well Test automatically or manually starts and stops test in line with the actual physical test being performed.  Tests can be performed in real time or retrospectively, if required.  Users are able to select the stabilised period of the test on which to perform the calculations to determine a well's 24-hour multiphase production rate; thus improving the accuracy of the calculated test results.

Approval and Validation

At the heart of effective well testing activities lies the collaboration between operators and production engineers. The integrated approval and validation workflow is the key element providing automated result assessment rules, and facilitating discussions about data accuracy and its veracity. The approval stage, reflected within the status of individual well tests, provides clear information about the required follow-up actions, and data reliability.

Commingled and Multi-step Well Testing

Occasionally there is a need to combine the flow of two or more wells flowing into a test separator at the same time in order to obtain a valid well test.  The ability to perform commingled well testing allows an operator to select the historical well test for a low-flowing well and to subtract it from the commingled test results to obtain the desired calculation. Additionally users have the ability to perform mulitstep well testing (eg multiple choke settings in a single physical well test).

Full Audit Trail

P2 Well Test offers administrator’s access to the Audit Log, which equips businesses with tools for recording user activity to ensure integrity of well test data, identify modifications, and protect the system from data capture errors. Mistakes, misinterpretation of well test results, calculation and data collection errors can significantly impact the quality of collected data. The ability to prevent or correct errors in a timely manner provides a more accurate view of targeted wells.


Test Across Multiple Environments

Enable operators and engineers to perform well tests across multiple control system environments over the intranet


Process Streamlining

Streamlines the well test initiation, validation and approval process


Removes Manual Data Process

Removes error-prone and time-consuming manual data entry/manipulation process


Regulatory Compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance with well test scheduling and full auditing of well test dates, data, results and approval process