The P2 Way

The P2 Way is what guides us as P2 colleagues. These core beliefs – always be learning; when in doubt, talk it out; show up and follow up; create positive energy; and think beyond – are central to who we are and what we aim to achieve at P2 each and every day.

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Always Be Learning

The upstream oil and gas industry is a dynamic one – rules and regulations change, technology improves, new prospects are discovered, recovery techniques get better. We must be adaptable, move at a fast pace, and know how to solve the industry’s toughest challenges.


When In Doubt, Talk It Out

We believe the best outcomes are achieved when people – both our coworkers and our customers – are able to come together to share ideas, provide feedback, and collaborate. The collective intellect trumps the individual intellect every time.

Show Up & Follow Up

It’s not enough to be present in the beginning; we have to be present for as long as it takes. That means seeing every commitment – the big and small, the internal and external – through to the end. Being accountable, consistent, and reliable are the keys to “show up and follow up” success.

Create Positive Energy

We believe in a culture of can-do attitudes, enthusiasm, positivity, giving it your all in every situation, and treating everyone with dignity and respect. Positive work environments outperform negative ones, hands down.

Think Beyond

What’s considered a “best practice” today may very well be rendered obsolete tomorrow. So it is in a fast-moving industry like upstream oil and gas. That’s why we must always be challenging the status quo and thinking of how we can improve internal processes and help our customers execute better tomorrow than they’re executing today.