P2® Verify

Data Collection, Validation, Approval and Publication P2 Verify is a web-based solution for operations personnel to collect (automatically or manually), validate, approve, and publish operational data. Configurable approval workflows ensure the correct people review and approve data before it is submitted for use in other applications, which increases data integrity and enables better, more informed decisions to be made across the operation.

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Data Capture

Publishing a single set of approved data in a prompt manner is crucial for a business that wants to remain agile and alert. As production and operational data is available at a variety of sources, manual entry can be very time consuming and error prone. Automated data collection helps users retrieve the information available in the integrated sources in a scheduled manner or upon request, minimizing the manual input, and thus reducing mistakes and delays.

Error Identification

P2 Verify allows organisations to define validation rules for recognizing fields with missing values, values that do not match a designated data type, or values exceeding or falling below an accepted range. Automated data validation notifies users about errors and warnings on-the-fly, providing the opportunity to correct mistakes. Only when a data area conforms with all the validation rules, can it be submitted for approval, and published to external systems.

Approval Workflows

With P2 Verify data areas can be defined with approval workflows tailored to suit organisational needs. In each workflow state, a different user group can be allowed to access data for evaluation, editing, adjustment, and further approval. With this process, teams can be sure that the captured data is truthful, and accurately reflects relevant business situations. P2 Verify can be extended to further integrate with notification systems, such as email notifications.

Single Integrated Environment

Whether information systems are installed in a single location, or comprise of multiple instances with remote and distributed deployments, P2 can help organisations to set up a single integrated environment. With properly configured data replication, accessing approved data from various locations lets users feel as if they are working with their local server, and hides the complexity of the underlying system communication, making data capture process simple, user-friendly, and efficient.

Form Designer

P2 Verify allows organisations to decide what their data entry forms will look like. Layouts can be built to resemble the forms that users are familiar with, layouts that mimic the printable reports used by the team every day, and layouts that clearly highlight crucial bits of information. Designs are no longer limited to simple text-based input – P2 Verify offers dedicated controls to display complex and dynamic collections of values from one or more sources.

Full Audit Trail

Being able to track data modifications is an important aspect of data capture systems. With proper audit logs, your organisation can be protected from accidental mistakes, security breaches, and internal misuse of the information. The information recorded by P2 Verify helps monitor users’ data editing activities, demonstrate the compliance with established data entry processes, and gain necessary insight to prevent potential problems in future that could result from undesired or incorrect data input.


Data Collection

Automatic collection of data minimises operator time and reduces errors associated with manual data entry


Data Integrity

Validation of data at the source and approval workflow increases data integrity


Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive interface simplifies the data capture, validation, and approval process


Version Control

Time-aware layout version control ensures historical data capture interfaces are retained