Tobin's Well layer gives you a distinct advantage by providing you with access to information on oil and gas permits, completions, and plugs. We use purpose-built accuracy software and a multitude of data sources, including high-resolution imagery, to hand-verify each well location. 


Well Location Accuracy

Tobin's locational accuracy is like no other. Our well locations are digitized using a variety of sources by our expert geospatial mapping specialists. We verify and adjust locations using an array of mapping platforms such as satellite imagery, digital ortho-rectified aerial imagery, GPS coordinates, well plats, line-calls from survey or public land grid systems, and USGS topographic quads.

Each well is digitized to specific criteria and hierarchies, and our specialists then determine which digitizing platform best suits locating and mapping the well. We supplement each location by including a number of critical well attributes, such as well operator, lease, and product.

Avoid the risks of using free or low-cost well location data. For example:

  • Changing your plans at the last minute for a well pad because your map data is off. Or worse: placing a well pad in the wrong spot.
  • Learning that the neighboring wells are closer or further than you expected.
  • Being forced to terminate your well on somebody else’s property.
  • Drilling or starting production even though neighboring wells are not producing.
  • Not drilling a new well when neighboring wells are producing.