Tobin Imagery

In 1928, Edgar Tobin challenged the status quo when he began taking aerial photographs of oilfields. Thanks to Tobin's ingenuity, we now have more than 2 million Tobin photographs – all taken before any governmental agency began participating in aerial photography. Tobin’s historical film provides reliable locations and helps you track changes that have occurred over time.

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Historical Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is available for delivery in various formats to fit a variety of needs, including Hardcopy prints and enlargements, scanned and geo-referenced digital imagery, and digital image mosaics. Certified prints and enlargements are also available. 

Aerial Photography and Data Acquisition

Tobin obtains new aerial photography and digital imagery with airborne GPS and conventional ground survey. We can provide imagery at scales of 1:100 feet to 1:3,333 feet, captured by a variety of platforms. Tobin can also provide LiDAR data acquisition and processing to support DTM and contour mapping. 

Digital Orthophotography

Utilizing the latest technology in film scanning, rectification, and image balancing, Tobin can provide digital orthophotography and image processing to support ground resolutions from one inch to one meter. We also have the ability to match historical imagery with current imagery. 

Digital Terrain and Elevation Modeling

We provide DTM and DEM data to meet your elevation modeling needs. This data supports volume computation, contour generation, cross-sections, and other applications requiring accurate elevation data for corridor mapping or block area mapping. 

Topographic and Planimetric Mapping

Our softcopy photogrammetric processing capabilities can provide you with half-foot to ten-foot contours while capturing the smallest visible planimetric features, meeting NMAS and ASPRS standards for accuracy.