Tobin All Access

We've designed Tobin All Access to help you get things done faster and easier than ever before. TAA provides the most comprehensive map data to the oil and gas industry through one predictable subscription. With an interactive web-based interface, users of all types can experience Tobin Data like never before.

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Preview & Explore Tobin Data

Our newly designed map-based navigation lets you preview and query the data you want without having to download it. Now, any user in your organization can gain access to Tobin Data – with no GIS experience required.

Standardized Formats

Now you have the ability to manage your GIS system more effectively than ever before by using standardized formats across all products – SDE, FGDB and Shapefile. No matter what application you are working with, Tobin Data has the formats you need. 

Customizable Downloads

Get only the data you need for your projects with our improved download capabilities. In addition to being able to select formats, you can set projections and user-defined extents, and even filter data by layers. So whether you want to see wells at a particular depth, or a key competitor's leasehold in an area of interest, the flexible new system gives you what you need.

Scheduled Downloads

Always be prepared with up-to-date data using our scheduling feature. Simply set a recurrence on the flexible download form and receive fresh data every time.  

Single File Delivery

Your time is important. That's why we've made it easy for you to download all of your data in a single file. No more joining and relating – simply unzip, and your data is ready to go.

More Attributes, More Intel

The new Tobin Data experience gives you more attribution information in the Wells and Lease layers. What this means for you is more market intelligence and easier visibility into the ever-changing marketplace.