1.4 billion acres. 65,000 townships. 300,000 original Texas abstracts. Tobin Data's Survey layer offers the most comprehensive, continuous survey coverage in the industry. Using our Survey data as the foundation for your basemap, you can position the rest of your map's components quickly and accurately.


Jeffersonian Land Grid

Townships, Sections, Ranges - Everything you need to build your map

Our Jeffersonian Land Grid is used in 30 states across the U.S., including states in the Rocky Mountain region - home to many of today's hottest oil shale plays like the Bakken and Niobrara.

Texas Land Survey Grid

Your confidence will never be stronger in Texas Land Survey

When it comes to Texas Land Grid, Tobin is the most accurate base available for building maps. Tobin ensures that every line is verified digitally and visually. This means that no matter where you're working, every line of your map is remarkably accurate and aligned.