Tobin Data's Lease layer enables you to see where competitors are leasing across the U.S. before leases expire. Our interactive data shows critical insight into the mineral lease landscape enabling better business decisions. With Tobin, you can quickly identify activity and trends, so you can compete in the hottest shale plays with confidence.


Lease Updates

Analyze crucial lease information for better decision-making

Our Lease layer currently includes information on 750,000 leases in more than 250 counties across the U.S. (and we're expanding our coverage by the day). Members of our Tobin Data team make in-person visits to courthouses to independently collect and verify all of this information, so you can rest assured that it's the most accurate and current in the industry.

Lease data, both historical and non-historical, is collected on a monthly basis. 

Lease Activity

See where operators are leasing in the energy patch

Our Tobin Data team generates and publishes Lease Activity points on a nightly basis, which allows you to monitor counties and parishes with utmost accuracy. We do the legwork, so you don't have to.