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For 90+ years, P2 Tobin has been providing the upstream oil and gas industry with innovative solutions and high-quality geospatial data needed to maintain enterprise datasets, build interactive maps, and leverage business intelligence to make critical business decisions.

P2 Tobin helps companies of all sizes see a clear vision of their competitive landscape, allowing them to visualize trends, understand where future opportunities may be available, manage risks, and make well-informed decisions quickly and confidently. Let P2 Tobin help you stay ahead of the game in today’s ultra-competitive market.  


We Are Here For You!

With our customer-driven roadmap, we listen to the changing needs of an evolving industry and look at how we can take advantage of technology innovations, like machine learning and artificial intelligence, to continue to provide customers with novel solutions and dependable data as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are committed to being a partner our customers can rely on now and in the future.

THAT is Our Focus!

Our reputation has been built on spatial accuracy. Listening to customer feedback, our focus on information quality has expanded to providing Thorough, Harmonious, Accurate, and Timely (THAT) data that can be trusted by our customers. Our daily commitment to information quality continues, allowing customers to execute their workflows and meet their objectives with confidence.

Scalable to Meet Your Needs

We provide companies with scalable options to meet their changing business needs. Licensing and coverage options can be customized, large or expanding organizations with national or regional needs can have enterprise-wide access to all data layers, and start-ups or small organizations with focused areas of interest can select the coverage they need.

Customer Support is Here to Help

P2 Global Customer Support includes a group with years of experience dedicated to P2 Tobin. They are available to help answer product or technical questions and to provide training and documentation. When there is a question about the placement of an abstract line or a well, they work closely with P2 Tobin GIS analysts to research the issue until an answer can be found, communicated back, and changes made if required.

P2 Tobin Products 



P2 Tobin Grid serves as the foundation for the P2 Tobin product family. Users can employ P2 Tobin Grid as a tool to help identify the locations of, and map, their assets.

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Encompassing 1.8B acres including 75K townships and 300K original Texas abstracts, the P2 Tobin Grid provides the most comprehensive, continuous Texas Land Survey Grid / Public Land Survey System coverage in the industry. Adding other data layers including State Lines, County Lines, Culture, Lots & Tracts, BLM Survey, and Texas Rural Subdivision provides users with an even more complete view of the surface.




With P2 Tobin's Lease offerings, we do the legwork so you can focus on analyzing information to make better decisions.

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With coverage of almost 350 counties in 15 states, P2 Tobin Fee Lease (polygons) provides critical information to help you see where competitors are currently leasing and where new leasing opportunities may be available. Updates are released twice daily. P2 Tobin Lease Activity (points) is released as quickly as possible to help users with quick trend analysis before polygonal data is available. In the Western United States, access to P2 Tobin Federal Lease (polygons) helps complete the leasing picture.




P2 Tobin Ownership provides a snapshot in time to identify the surface owners of land parcels.

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Along with P2 Tobin Grid, P2 Tobin Ownership can be used as a tool to help users map proprietary leases and other assets. P2 Tobin Ownership is available for over 275 counties in 10 states.




P2 Tobin Wells provide users access to information on 3.9 million wells in 35 states and offshore Gulf of Mexico.

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Attributes provided include the API number, geographic locations (surface and bottom hole) and well paths, as well as a rich complement of planning, operational, and dispositional attribution coinciding with the well's regulatory lifecycle. The spatial accuracy of our wells is second to none because of the work done to verify and adjust well locations by our highly experienced GIS analysts, and by the comprehensive business rules data must clear prior to the twice daily release of new or updated well information.



Pooling Units

P2 Tobin Pooling Units allow users to track unitization activity for units or pooling areas recorded at the county level.

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Over 12,000 P2 Tobin Pooling Units have been mapped in the Permian Basin plus 18 counties in east and south Texas. By combining P2 Tobin Pooling Units with other P2 Tobin data and proprietary data, users can quickly see areas that may not be unitized or are already unitized by competitors, may be available for acreage swapping or joint ventures, or may not be meeting obligation requirements.



Spacing Units

P2 Tobin Spacing Units allow users to track oil and gas fields, and the spacing units falling within them, that are a matter of public record on North Dakota's Industrial Commission's website.

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We have researched and mapped oil and gas fields and their related spacing units from over 800 documents related to the Bakken area. P2 Tobin Spacing Units can help save users time by assisting in research and aiding in field planning.




From the back office to the field, our maps provide an alternative to digital data and can be delivered as a PDF or printed as a physical copy allowing you to take P2 Tobin with you wherever you go.

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Currently, we provide updated 1”=2,000’ Tobin Lease Summary Maps, Tobin Lease Strip Maps, and Tobin Regional Maps built using our digital data. Although no longer updated, the historical 1”=3,000’ Tobin Shelf Product Lease Maps and Ownership Maps are available along with Tobin Regional Base Maps and other historical Tobin maps including Amman, Dulin, F&A, Heydrick, Mid-Continent, Oklahoma Oil, and Pomco.



Custom Mapping

Nothing beats the ability to customize your own map. We take great pride in collaborating with customers to create the perfect map to meet their project requirements.

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Using data from various sources, your map can be built to meet your size and scale specifications and can be delivered as a digital file or printed as a physical copy. If needed, we can also provide GIS services to research data sources to find needed data, to digitize information from other maps, or to map unmapped tracks, etc. We have worked with various organizations including upstream oil and gas, environmental firms, municipalities, legal firms, etc., as well as private individuals, to create maps meeting their project needs.


Why P2 Tobin? 

DELIVERS a wide range of geospatial data built on a 90-year history of information quality focused on providing data our customers can depend on to make critical business decisions


PROVIDES users access to data content, analytics, and data integration methodologies through strong partnerships with other industry leaders


FURNISHES enterprise-wide solutions all teams can access when needed, enabling time critical decision making


ENABLES users to gain a competitive advantage by integrating well, fee lease, and pooling unit data to identify potential areas of open acreage or joint venture opportunities


STREAMLINES data ingestion workflows with Tobin REST API allowing users the ability to programmatically access the most current data available as they need it


MAINTAINS a unique vantage point into our customer-driven roadmap focused on embracing new technology, continually improving data quality, expanding coverage areas, improving delivery methodologies, and adding new data

P2 Tobin Features

Subscription license provides enterprise-wide access to the data you need, when and how you need it

Scalable areas of interest, from national or regional coverage to individual counties, are available for companies of all sizes

24/7 access through the web-based Tobin Data Portal or Tobin REST API

Most current data at your fingertips including twice daily updates for wells and fee leases

Standardized delivery formats available to integrate into multiple applications

Customizable data investigation via Tobin REST API

Integration of various data layers that allow you to do the analysis you need to gain a competitive advantage

Access to P2 Tobin Customer Support

Continually expanding coverage, adding new data, and improving data quality and delivery methodologies



The P2 Tobin Team


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