P2 Shift Log

Industry Leading Electronic Log and Shift Handover Solution. P2 Shift Log is a comprehensive operations collaboration environment used to capture, manage, handover and communicate mission critical performance and operational information for all levels of production operations. P2 Shift Log’s advanced knowledge sharing capabilities drives collaboration, communication and assists in the coordination and prioritization of tasks and activities across teams.

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Shift Log can be configured with a variety of subjects and topics, including areas and equipment, and categories such as HSE or maintenance. These can be created and arranged to suit organisational needs, and permissions to access these can be defined at a very granular level on a user group basis. Shift and swing reporting intervals of varying durations and start times can also be defined, as can a variety of application settings.

Commentary Log

P2 Shift Log allows users to record one-off comments or ongoing issues for a specific equipment item, to assist with identifying events leading up to costly breakdowns. Ongoing issues are kept open until resolved. Open issues can be modified and carried over to the next report, and ultimately closed when they are resolved. Information commonly recorded includes rolling threats, out of service equipment, maintenance schedules, material movements, HSE issues and daily task lists. 

Advanced Search Capability

Shift Log provides a single repository for all logged activity, along with the ability to retrieve historical information. The advanced search filter allows users to find all log entries that match defined search criteria. This can include assignee, time created, time modified, due date, event time, time closed, created by, status, subject topic, or log type. The results can be printed, exported or saved, and users can also navigate to a specific log entry.

Kiosk Viewing Mode

‘Kiosk mode’ is a special mode that allows Shift Log to display log views on a large monitor, with little or no interaction from users. Each screen cycles through up-to-date log views at configurable intervals. A header displays information about the screen and allows navigation between screens and control of screen animation. The contents are periodically refreshed and scrolling is automatic, so information can be seen without requiring user interaction.


REPLACES paper based log books, spreadsheets and manual, error prone processes with best in class technology

STREAMLINES and structures the capture of shift information

CONNECTS field and office users enabling collaboration and more informed decisions to be made


PROVIDES critical safety elements to business operations and improves regulatory and corporate compliance

INTEGRATES existing systems including SCADA to provide real-time and situational awareness

ENSURES better understanding of operational performance against KPI’s