P2 Shift Log

Industry Leading Electronic Log and Shift Handover Solution. P2 Shift Log is a comprehensive operations collaboration environment used to capture, manage, handover and communicate mission critical performance and operational information for all levels of production operations. P2 Shift Log’s advanced knowledge sharing capabilities drives collaboration, communication and assists in the coordination and prioritization of tasks and activities across teams.

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Operational Logbook and Shift Handover

P2 Shift Log provides structured and comprehensive operational logs and shift handover reports. Configurable forms provide the ability to document shift activities, commentary and forms. These forms can be created and arranged to suit organisational needs, and role-based security can be defined at a very granular level.  Role based displays provide real time visibility on operating conditions and enable the early identification, assignment and resolution of issues. 


P2 Shift Log leverages and integrates with timeseries data from SCADA, DCS, LIMS and other connected data sources providing real-time and situational awareness against production KPIs. Calculated fields can be included into the log entries inclusive of data from connected sources and images, documents and other content can also be attached to log entries to provide additional context, detail and commentary.


P2 Shift Log enhances shift to shift collaboration and communication through a common system of record used to capture information and data.  Role based forms can then be used to add context such as assignment of issues, rate adjustments and root cause analysis.


A configurable rules engine allows an expansive array of different workflows to be configured and customised to suit internal processes. Whether you need a simple automatic assignment of a task to a user, notifications being sent out when specific criteria are met, or even calling out to external systems based on simple user configurable rules.


REPLACES paper based log books, spreadsheets and manual, error prone processes with best in class technology

STREAMLINES and structures the capture of shift information

CONNECTS field and office users enabling collaboration and more informed decisions to be made


PROVIDES critical safety elements to business operations and improves regulatory and corporate compliance

INTEGRATES existing systems including SCADA to provide real-time and situational awareness

ENSURES better understanding of operational performance against KPI’s