P2® Server

The operational decisions you make are only as good as the data you have. Being able to view data from multiple disparate sources while managing time sequence data historian models with relational data is critical to managing production operations. P2 Server seamlessly integrates the P2 Production Operations product suite and third-party applications, providing key functionality to operations personnel. It creates a “data dictionary” that holds both structured and unstructured data specific to all the assets, including high volumes of relational data (Oracle and SQL Server) and time series data.

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Eliminate Time Consuming Warehouse Projects

Building and maintaining your own data warehouse is complicated and often not a core competency for production focused enterprises. Data replication can be difficult and ensuring that real-time information is available and accessible is often impossible. P2 Server creates a native link into your data, housed in multiple locations, so that it neither corrupts integrity nor forces you to wait for scheduled updates to have the data you need to optimize asset productivity.

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Enhance & Analyze Data With Real-Time Calculations

The P2 Server Calculation Engine provides advanced functionality to calculate and evaluate existing data derived from any of the P2 Server data sources. This allows for complex, time-based analysis of production data with ERP, Financial, Maintenance, or any other data source, making it possible to perform in-depth analysis of results such as KPIs. Statistical processing (averages, standard deviation, integral, and so on) of current, previous, and variance values for source data (such as tag values) can be used for performance evaluation and monitoring.

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Standard adapters to real-time and historical data from SCADA data historians such as Honeywell PHD, OSI PI, and Wonderware Industrial SQL.

Calculation Capabilities

Calculations and analysis applied to data to produce diagnostics, KPIs, reliability indicators, and predictive trending.

Standard Data Dictionary

Data is contextualized in the Data Dictionary, with its relationships to underlying assets and its corporate hierarchy clearly defined.

ERP, Laboratory, Land & GIS Data Sources

P2 Server has standard adapters to P2 products and many industry solutions to allow the data to be managed through P2 Server and presented in P2 Explorer; monitors in P2 Sentinel enable you to leverage the data.

Automated Discovery

Automated discovery of new data items being made available in source systems.

Source of Dashboards & Monitors

P2 Server is the data source for P2 Explorer, providing real-time visualizations and P2 Sentinel, an automated complex event processing and action system.