P2® Sentinel

P2 Sentinel provides constant watch over your operation and triggers alarms and alerts when defined events occur, allowing less staff to effectively manage larger portfolios and more assets. As the volume of data from across your organization continues to grow, it becomes harder and harder to monitor your KPIs and operating conditions through traditional dashboards relying on manual views and analysis. P2 Sentinel enhances dashboards by providing automated exception management through user defined rules and conditions that monitor data and initiate alerts.

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P2 Sentinel -  Automated Exception Management Software


Real Time Event Processing

P2 Sentinel provides end-users with intuitive, web-based interfaces which allow them to easily define rules and event detection logic leading to alerts and actions. P2 Sentinel’s intelligent, real-time Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine is designed to rapidly access and analyze vast amounts of data from disparate sources, and provide immediate notification when required and detailed statistical and analytical reports.

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SCADA & Relational Data Sources

Leveraging P2 Server’s data dictionary to access data from across the organization, rules can be as simple as high low limits, or complex monitors of correlated data and interconnected events. Data sources includes real-time, time series data from SCADA and data historians of well and equipment performance, to back office accounting, relational data, such as AFE budgets and LOE spend, and all data in between such as reserve positions, drilling reports, land and lease data, etc.

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Event & Process Visualizations

Current and historical event conditions can be monitored to track performance over time and impact of the monitor. Reporting by exception allows resources to focus on problem solving rather than problem identification. 

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User Defined Rules

User-configurable rules, conditions, and triggers let you create custom monitors designed around data from your business assets.

Alarms & Alerts

The Alarm Process compares data and events against defined limits. If a limit is transgressed when the process is executed, a new state is reached and an event is raised.

Rules Library

Sentinel provides a ‘plug and play’ framework for a rich library of Processes. Our supplementary P2 Sentinel Process brochures contain further information regarding each specific process.

Performance Monitoring

The Performance Curve process detects when the performance of a piece of equipment has drifted from an ideal characteristic curve of two parameters, x and y. If a limit or condition is breached when the process is executed, a new state is reached and an event is raised.

Event Tracking

Reports, charts, and event logs show event history and timelines statistics. Add comments to events to assist with summation and analysis.