P2 Reporting

P2 Reporting unites the data across all of your P2 solutions, enabling seamless integrated reporting and analysis with a powerful, in-memory engine. The solution is flexible, as it’s able to connect to a myriad of data sources and then output analysis to pdf, xls, ppt, and many more file types. Using the same technology trusted by millions of users across thousands of companies, P2 Reporting is enterprise-ready.

P2 Reporting



P2 Reporting enables intuitive ad-hoc data discovery, report creation, publishing of dashboards, and pixel-perfect reporting in one solution. Users who are on the go can access their reports through the mobile app or have reports scheduled to send to their inbox. 

LOS Reporting

Dive deeper into your OPEX data. P2 Reporting comes with curated LOS reporting that allows for easy reporting on LOS data. Using the ad-hoc engine, users can drill down through dimensions to visualize the data at any level, whether it’s by day, by well, at a specific transaction, or to see how LOE is trending across your entire organization from inception.

Vendor Reporting

Do you know if the vendors you are working with are approved? How much do you spend with each vendor? Are you being overcharged for the same item from one vendor vs. another? Find the answers to these questions with P2 Reporting. Make your own dashboard to keep an eye on vendors or monitor your spend across your enterprise. 

AFE Reporting

Understand your capital spend. No other solution gives you the flexibility to analyze your projects for deep “look-back” analysis. Know which vendors charged you what for specific items across all of your projects. Give your engineers the tool they need to accurately estimate your next project.

Production Reporting

Want to see your P2 Merrick data married with your accounting data? Now you can. P2 Reporting comes with an integrated domain, allowing users to compare their production data against the company’s ongoing operating expenses and revenue.

Land Reporting

Land users, fear no more. Accessible, easy-to-use reporting for P2 Land is here. Print a formal division order or transfer order, or use P2 Reporting to create acreage analysis. How much are you paying per acre in a certain area? P2 Reporting has your answer.


A reporting platform that allows users of all types (from the Analyst to the C-Suite and out to the field) to access and create beautiful reports and powerful analytics. 

Data Connectivity

Users can easily connect data sources and design their own reporting data layer – we call it a domain. 

Ad Hoc

The Ad Hoc editor allows users to explore and slice data easily by dragging and dropping. 


Drag and drop your favorite charts, tables, and reports to create a dashboard.

Pixel Perfect Studio

For formal regulatory, financial, and operational reporting, Studio will get the format right.

Report Scheduling

Need to run a report on a regular basis or when an event occurs? The Report Scheduling engine allows reports and dashboards to be scheduled.

Mobile Access

With an Apple or Android device, anyone can access their reports and dashboards while on the go.