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ProCount, powered by Merrick, is a hydrocarbon accounting system with a 17-year history of accurately handling oil and gas companies' simple and complex allocation requirements globally, onshore and offshore, and in conventional and unconventional plays. As a web-based application, ProCount offers comprehensive daily, monthly, and transactional screens associated with hydrocarbon accounting that can be configured to meet localized global requirements.

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ProCount Grows With You

Backed by a powerful allocation engine that scales from four wells to more than 50,000, ProCount offers both standard, out-of-the-box allocation scenarios as well as configurable allocation scenarios, allowing for extensibility as your needs change.

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Get To Know Your Hydrocarbons & Wells Better

ProCount offers complete traceability and auditability of each hydrocarbon as it is measured and then allocated via date-effective relationships in an allocation network. The application also manages daily and monthly allocations separately, providing the most accurate well-level results for engineering, partners, regulatory, marketing, month-end accruals, and revenue processing.

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Up-To-Date Well Data

Rely on the option to automatically allocate field data so that the most current daily well-level results are available for analysis and comparison against production targets.

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Templates To Help You

Use ProCount's template-based "wizard" to quickly set up large numbers of new wells, meters, tanks, and equipment associated with today's fast-paced shale plays. 

Model Allocations

Model allocation schematics to define each asset’s unique measurement scenario as well as commercial and regulatory requirements. A wide range of allocations can be performed using ProCount.

Fast Run Ticket Reconciliation

Use the oil statement reconciliation functionality to manage the thousands of oil run tickets that come in from the field each month; time spent on cleaning up the data and then reconciling with purchaser statements is significantly reduced.

Water Hauling

Disposed water can be traced from the disposal facility back to the producing wells.

BTU Reporting

Gas and liquid analyses are applied to the correct allocation periods for accurate BTU and component reporting.

Regulatory Reporting

ProCount provides a simple way to file production data to state and federal agencies.