eVIN, powered by Merrick, is the most widely used mobile field data capture application in the upstream oil and gas industry – more than 20,000 field operators use it and more than half of all the wells in the U.S. are managed by it. This solution combines manually entered field production and operational information with data from automation systems, electronic flow measurements, and SCADA historians. Easy to deploy and easy to use, eVIN also provides instant alerts, validation, and live graphing.

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Reliable In Low-Bandwidth Terrains

Even in remote oil and gas fields where an Internet connection is nonexistent, eVIN provides quick and reliable transmissions (they typically take less than two minutes). Whether the well site is monitored 24/7 or visited once a week, eVIN helps you get the job done quickly and effectively every time.

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Whatever You Need Captured, Capture It

eVIN is used to capture standard volumetric readings and measurements like oil, gas and water volumes, well tests, run tickets, downtime information, and others. But it can also be used to capture nontraditional volumetric readings and measurements such as chemical usage, fluid levels, weather, greenhouse gas blowdown events, and flow back. Whatever information you need, use eVIN to get it.

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Minimal Key Strokes For Maximum Efficiency

With eVIN, time spent on field data capture and reporting is reduced by more than 40 percent. This time-savings is made possible via intelligent defaults that populate the current day’s readings based on previous readings. The defaults can then be overridden by manual entry where needed.

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Get A Clear Picture of Well Performance

Graphs comparing production levels against production targets let teams know exactly how wells are performing. This level of visibility helps asset managers get issues resolved quickly and production restored to optimum levels.

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Low Cost Of Ownership

eVIN’s ability to capture most operational data reduces the need to support multiple systems.

Easy To Learn & Use

Only half a day is needed to train users on how to effectively use the application.

Automatic Updates

Deploying updates to the field devices is handled automatically, eliminating the need to touch each device.

Built-In Reminders

With eVIN, schedule reminders for everything from well tests to greenhouse gas inspections.

Identical Views

For production analysts and field personnel, having the same views into the data allows them to identify and correct any errors before month’s end.

Color-Coded Fields

These fields warn the operator of data inconsistencies and potential errors.