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Carte, powered by Merrick, is an analytical reporting tool that provides teams across the company with views into its production, specific to the way each group works with and analyzes the data. Carte, which is accessible anywhere via the Internet, gives you access not only to all levels of well data, but also information on tanks, meters, and other field equipment. It can also pull in data from other data sources for reporting and analytics.

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Information The Way You Want It

Whether it is Region-Platform-Lease-Well or Division-Asset-Field-Completion, information can be organized in limitless multi-level hierarchies in raw or summarized in graphical or tabular formats.

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KPIs That You Need

Carte understands oil and gas production and comes prebuilt with many of the industry standard KPIs, including Gross vs. Net Production, Actual vs. Targeted Production, Allocated Production vs. Well Tests, comparisons of normalized production, and others. 

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Up-To-Date Well Data

Carte can also be configured by your team to add your unique calculations and KPIs using either data production, data from ProCount, and data from other systems such as Land, Revenue, AFE, and Engineering. Individual users can create their own graphs, views, and calculations without relying on IT or consulting support. 

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Make Comparisons

Zero in on the top- or bottom-performing wells against targets for wells that came on in the current fiscal year to compare against last year’s performance. Use the configurable lost or deferred production calculations to view the impact of downtime across divisions, regions and assets, and embed links that Carte views to share production views. 

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Receive Alerts

Create alerts for when you need to schedule hauls for oil and water tanks before the day even starts.

Graph It

Reports and graphs can be created with additional comments to remind colleagues of significant events such as a platform being shut-in due to weather. 


Different teams can collaborate on allocation schematics to ensure that all of the equipment and product flows are set up correctly for reporting. 

Map Well Locations

Show relief personnel the exact location of well sites and go over recent activity.


Production Intelligence

Carte handles mixed units of measure and differentiates between production vs. sales vs. lease use, gross vs. nets, operated vs. non-operated, measured vs. allocated, and more. 

It's That Easy

Carte requires little administrative support by your IT team. In many cases, the super users manage the application. Training is easy and allows users to self-serve via company-specific or individualized views rather than requesting information from the data owners.