P2 Merrick

P2 Merrick is an end-to-end production solution that helps oil and gas companies monitor and improve production operations and results through the effective collection, accounting and reporting of accurate and validated production data.  

P2 Merrick is optimized for all types of operations - onshore/offshore and conventional/unconventional.



P2 Field Operator for Mobile Operations

P2 Field Operator, powered by Merrick, is a mobile field data capture and operational reporting solution for upstream oil and gas operators. The solution enables operators to seamlessly capture and validate measurement data, integrate that information with SCADA and other data sources, perform industry-standard calculations, capture images, and collaborate across disciplines and departments. P2 Field Operator is designed to meet field operation needs anywhere in the world – onshore and offshore, conventional and unconventional. 

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P2 eVIN For Field Data Capture

P2 eVIN, powered by Merrick, is a field data capture solution used for data entry, standard industry measurement calculations and other data processing, data verification and validation from all entry sources, and operational scheduling with alerts. It is designed to meet field operation needs anywhere in the world, including the unique complexities of difficult environments and products such as coalbed methane, waterfloods, and CO2.

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P2 ProCount For Hydrocarbon Accounting

P2 ProCount, powered by Merrick, is a hydrocarbon accounting solution that addresses all the complex allocation requirements for oil and gas companies operating globally, both onshore and offshore. This module provides flexibility for creating allocation systems that consist of basic one-to-one relationships between objects for simple allocations as well as much more complex systems that have multiple relationships between well completions, tanks, meters, and equipment. 

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P2 Carte For Reporting And Analytics

P2 Carte, powered by Merrick, is a reporting and analytics solution that enables customers to visualize, graph, and analyze production data by a single well, field or across all your assets. It enables you and your teams to monitor and analyze allocated data against daily and monthly production targets. With flexible reporting capabilities, end-users can easily create their own graphs and tables with any groupings or information they need. 

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