Questions abound when landmen are assembling a drilling unit. Questions like “How many gross and net acres of each lease are needed to form this unit?” “Which joint operating agreement (JOA) is used for balloting, joint interest billing (JIB), and operations?” and, “Which pooling agreement or gas marketing agreement controls this well?” P2 Land brings together contract, lease, and mineral information so these questions and others like them can be answered promptly.


Always Know The Status Of Your Wells

If one of your wells becomes shut-in for whatever reason, your team needs to know right away so shut-in payments can be made where applicable. P2 Land’s email alerts notify you when and to whom shut-in royalties must be paid, allowing you to protect your assets every step of the way.

Well Information Is A Click Away

Not only does P2 Land enable you to see where your wells are located on a map, it also gives you the ability to click on any well and see all of its related information – information like well name and number, operator, well type, depth information, and a whole lot more.

Make Better Handoffs Between Teams

Once a well goes producing, you need to put the brakes on making delay-rental payments and pass the baton to your division-order analysts. P2 Land allows those smooth handoffs to be made between your teams.