In an industry where the competition is intense and decimal points matter, oil and gas organizations can’t afford to let a single revenue opportunity slip through the cracks. For every piece of potential revenue to be realized, your teams must be able to see the big picture – what you own, what you’ve recently leased, and what’s left to lease across the oil and gas landscape. That’s where P2 Land comes in.


Visualize All Of Your Assets

Reading about what you own versus seeing what you own - that’s what it all comes down to. With P2 Land, pouring over spreadsheets and paper reports in an attempt to understand your asset position becomes a thing of the past. Instead, using the system’s map, you can see all of your assets in one place.  

Monitor All Of Your Receivables

P2 Land gives you a crystal-clear view of your company’s accounting picture, allowing you to monitor all of your receivables and get paid on time. That translates to accurate reports and revenue projections, too.  

Maximize Your Revenue Opportunities

When you can visualize what you own, what’s in your current lease collection, and what’s available to lease now or in the near future, you can capitalize on every revenue opportunity. Think of it like looking under your sofa cushions and pocketing all that loose change, down to the penny.