Sound lease management factors heavily into every upstream organization’s formula for success. Leases have to be set up quickly. Payments, obligations, and expirations have to be managed properly. And when changes of any kind need to be made, they have to be made quickly. Enter P2 Land.


Get Your New Leases Set Up Quickly

P2 Land dramatically reduces the time it takes to set up your newly acquired leases. As landowners continue to trim lease terms from 10 years to anywhere from 1-3 years, uploading your new leases quickly and correctly has taken on a new, more important meaning.

Make Mass Changes In One Fell Swoop

Say you need to make the same change to a whole bunch of your leases: don’t go from lease to lease making the same adjustment over and over again. Instead, make the change once and apply it to all of the leases needing it.

Query For Anything ... No Really, Anything

3,471. That’s how many fields P2 Land has (we actually counted!). So whatever it is you need, chances are P2 Land has it. 

Visualization Fosters Speed And Accuracy

Need to see which of your leases contain a shut-in provision? Easy. Want to calculate net revenue interest (NRI) for a group of wells in a certain area? That’s only a few clicks away, too. Use P2 Land’s map to gain quick answers to important business questions.

Make Your Rental Recommendations Paperless

P2 Land’s eCalendar module moves you from paper reports and tracking to a seamless online solution. Land administrators can create online calendars for contract expirations, lease obligations, lease expirations, and more. The system then routes the calendars to the appropriate staff for online review to ensure that no deadlines are missed.