P2 Land Broker

P2 Land Broker is the only solution that leverages mobile devices to create a real-time connection between your land brokers in the field and your land teams in the back office. What does this real-time connection mean for you? It means you can increase your overall land speed through one-time data entry, improve your bottom line via better cost management, and boost your competitive intelligence through real-time mapping and net revenue interest (NRI) analysis. Say hello to the next-generation solution for lease acquisitions.

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One-Time Data Entry

It’s not uncommon for oil and gas teams today to have to enter and re-enter the same lease information five or six times, burning time and increasing the changes of errors being made. With P2 Land Broker, lease data needs to be keyed in just once – by your brokers in the field. Once it's in, the information flows to your lease system, and your map is updated simultaneously.

Project and Cost Transparency

P2 Land Broker lets you give clear instructions – where to buy, max spend per acre, what lease terms to pursue – to your brokers. As your brokers secure leases, watch in real time to ensure that your pricing guidelines are being followed and that leases containing only the right terms for your projects are being secured. 

On-the-Spot Lease Generation

With P2 Land Broker, your brokers can quickly and easily generate leases within the system. Because everything is scanned and attached at the source of capture, no longer do you have to wait for the physical lease documents to make their way back to your office to see what you now own and where. Everything is immediate. That’s the beauty of automation and mobile technology.

Real-Time Project Analysis

Having to wait six months or more to get your newly acquired leases on a map? Forget it. Once a lease is captured using P2 Land Broker, it appears right away on your map in the back office. That way, you can watch your projects take shape in real time and see your leasehold position relative to the competition’s.


With P2 Land Broker's one-time-data-entry feature, half of the time you spend on acquiring leases and getting them on your map is streamlined. The result: less time spent on re-entering the same data and more time spent on protecting your organization's most important assets.

100% Mobile

P2 Land Broker is used on a mobile tablet and establishes a real-time link between the field and the back office.


Because P2 Land Broker is deployed as a SaaS solution, your brokers won't be operating behind your network firewall.

One-Time Data Entry

P2 Land Broker renders multiple data entry obsolete.

Real-Time Visibility

Watch your projects progress on your map, and see what steps your brokers are taking – both in real time.