P2 iLandMan

Often lowering land budgets by up to 30%, P2 iLandMan is the only cloud, tract, and formation-based system that automates the entire E&P land lifecycle, giving land professionals accurate net acreage values and real-time visibility into lease positions.


Tract and Formation Based

The only way to calculate truly accurate net acreage values is with a tract and formation-based lease management system. Tract and formation-based systems have “unique identifiers,” while contract-based systems aggregate ownership, creating inequities and inaccuracies in the value of acreage.

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Fully Integrated Map

Having a fully integrated and interactive map is essential to any company involved with lease aquisition and land management.  As data is entered or edited in the field, the map is simultaneously updated.  The same reports that can be run from the database can be run directly from the map.

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Project Dashboard

Each user can customize their project dashboard by adding the metrics they need tin order to have relevant tract and contract data handy for review or reporting.  With easy setup and querying tools, each user has a pulse on the areas of project data they need most, along with critical notifications for lease managament.

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Intuitive Workflow

A landman's workflow process is integrated directly into P2 iLandMan, making it highly intuitive and easy to use.  With opportunities to check for accuracy and completeness as work gets done, a landman can easily identify missing or problematic data.  Data and documents gathered from the field live in one place and are accessible to all users through the project cycle.

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Built-In and Custom Reporting

Over 100 reports are available through P2 iLandMan, such as Contract Summary, Lease Purchase, Chain of Title, and Tract Ownership.  We know that every business has its own unique requirements, so the software also comes equipped with a specialized reporting tool that allows users to create their own custom reports on the fly in Excel format.

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Streamline the Entire E&P Land Lifecycle

Efficiently manage oil and gas assets from acquisition and lease management all the way through revenue calculations and divestiture

Reduce Your Land Budget Up To 30%

Eliminate countless hours of spreadsheet data entry, typing errors, and duplication using our powerful online database and mapping system.

Never Lose a Lease Again

Artificial intelligence automatically creates obligation schedules with email notifications for Pugh clauses, lease extensions, shut-in payments, and more.

Understand Your True Leasehold Value

Verify your net acreage on a tract-by-tract and formation-by-formation basis for the most accurate valuations in the market.

Manage Your Project Securely in The Cloud

Access your data 24/7 from anywhere in the world for real-time critical decision making, and scale your projects up and down as needed.

Integrate With Other Software Using Our API*

From land to engineering to finance and more, our state-of-the-art technology can connect various application databases to support company-wide workflows.  



A unique mapping module that enables users to build and edit tracts and units without requiring any third-party systems or GIS experience. This tool allows the iLandMan user to create, cut, split, merge, name, and rename mineral and surface tracts and units with just a few simple clicks. Create polygons using the Tractulator by entering quarter calls, or use metes and bounds by utilizing MeBo.

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Division Orders

Report on preliminary divisions of interest with the click of a button. Most landmen and analysts spend weeks creating spreadsheets to get a division of interest report on a well or unit. With iLandMan, you have the power to create a Royalty Division Order on any well, unit, or area within seconds, along with mailing list, pre-filled forms, summaries, and more.

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Interest Decks

Interest decks can be generated quickly to meet the ever-changing obligations from Farmouts, Joint Operating Agreements, and Assignments. iLandMan allows you to create revenue and expense interest decks from its fully integrated tract and lease data, or by simply inputting interest into the tables. You can easily view the working interest before and after points of obligation and overriding royalty interest on an owner-by-owner, tract-by-tract, and lease-by-lease basis.

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*Integrations: 1. P2 BOLO accounting software; 2. Third party accounting software; 3. P2 Tobin geospatial data; 4. Third party well data.