Spatial Data Creation

It’s essential that legal descriptions and land intelligence is maintained every day. P2 Spatial Data Creation (P2 SDC) automatically creates spatial data from text using the latest Tobin GIS Studio and ESRI ArcGIS technologies. Extending the functionality of ArcGIS to the specific needs of upstream energy companies, P2 SDC is configurable to any land system with formatted legal descriptions and an OLE DB compliant database.

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Create, Map, & Manage Spatial Features

TGS-SDC enables less experienced users to access the power of GIS. With P2 SDC, you automate recoding of latitude/longitude, metes and bounds, and survey systems such as Jeffersonian Survey, Texas legal descriptions, and offshore areas.

Map Land Assets

Visually integrate business information with related spatial data, facilitating better decision-making. P2 SDC adapts to varying business workflows and eliminates separate storage of spatial data in multiple shapefiles or databases.

Create Existing Data

TGS-SDC creates and manages GIS features representing land system data for leases, contracts, and division orders from existing data.

Convert Graphics To Features

Working with TGS-SDC, you can execute a wide variety of GIS functions, easing the effort spent on mapping and managing your land asset information. 


Map and manage your land asset information with ease. Consolidate and streamline your business workflow while using your geodatabase to store complete spatial data for related land assets.

Spatial Editing Tools

Edit spatial features using ESRI ArcMap tools and the powerful TGS-SDC spatial editing tools.

Any Polygon You Need

Build hundreds of polygon features automatically.

Just For You

Perform all spatial editing in your own personal geodatabase.

Connect With Other GIS Technicians

Save your spatial data to a central geodatabase, a repository of information used by multiple GIS technicians.

Modules & Software