Cartographic Tool Kit

Automating cartography significantly boost the productivity of your team. It also helps you extract the full value of GIS data. You’ll get more from market intelligence with P2’s geoprocessing tools used to facilitate improved labeling and symbolizing of coincident features within a feature class.

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Extending the Leading Geoprocessing Application. Adding feature functionality to ESRI’s ArcGIS, P2 CTK includes geoprocessing tools that facilitate improved labeling and symbolizing of coincident features within a feature class.


Related Data Labeling

Information from many sources combined into a single label

Related Data Labeling empowers you to distribute a formatted, consistent, and concise view of business attributes about a single feature. To keep pace with changing attributes, data labels are dynamically updated as information changes.

Summarize Sequences

The Summarize Sequence tool uses spatial analysis to identify coincident polygons in the selected feature class and summarize sequences in the specified field. Repetitive labeling of coincident polygons is eliminated, and a label that represents the sequence of numbers for the coincident polygon is created.

Halo Symbology

The Halo Symbology feature simplifies the mapping of overlapping polygons and reveals underlying features and layers otherwise obscured. Halo Symbology allows you to symbolize polygon features with a halo around the edge of each polygon, leaving the center transparent.

Calculated Values Symbology

Calculated Values Symbology allows you to symbolize a feature layer based on a calculation or an expression using just one or multiple fields. Symbols transform in real time when the source data changes, ensuring that the visual representation is up-to-the-moment accurate.


Inlining allows your GIS team to clarify coincident polygons using inset line symbols in different colors. Inlining automatically generates:

  • A new polygon feature class containing summarized attribute values for labeling
  • A point feature class with the summarized attributes
  • An inset line feature class that is symbolized with representations
  • A feature-linked annotation class with annotations in colors that match the inline representation color

Tobin CTK Identify

Similar to ESRI's standard Identify window, Tobin CTK Identify provides a customizable display of data from the selected feature class and (optionally) related data.

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