P2 Field Operator

P2 Field Operator, powered by Merrick, is the latest field operations software solution in a series that spans more than 21 years and is used by over 22,000 field operators in upstream oil and gas. Leveraging mobile capabilities such as image capture and touch-screen navigation, the solution combines manually entered information with data from automation and SCADA historians using current tablet, phone, or PC technology.

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Collaboration Between The Field & Back Office

In addition to giving operators the ability to enter remarks regarding equipment, P2 Field Operator introduces true collaboration between the field and back office. The solution allows operators to capture commentary with categories and multiple contributors for every well, piece of equipment, and transaction. Comments can be entered in the field and replied to in the back office via P2 ProCount and P2 Carte.

Image Capture

No more hunting for paper copies of oil and water run tickets. P2 Field Operator gives operators the ability to capture run tickets in the field at the same time the data is entered. If you’re already capturing tickets electronically, add a layer of validation by associating each image with its corresponding run ticket. All the images are accessible through P2 ProCount or P2 Carte.

Built-In Performance Indicators

The launch screen and all assets and transactions include graphs, alerts, and indicators highlighting unusual readings, missing data, and running totals. Negative oil inventories, incorrect run tickets, well tests out of range, and more are highlighted at multiple points in the screens. These insights allow operators within the application to make faster, more-informed decisions to reduce downtime and deferments.

Reliable In Low-Bandwidth Environments

Even in remote oil and gas fields where an Internet connection is nonexistent, P2 Field Operator provides quick and reliable transmissions. Whether the well site is monitored 24/7 or visited once a week, P2 Field Operator helps you get the job done quickly and effectively every time.


Integrated With P2 Merrick

The calculations in the field and back office are the same, and there’s a single place to define your assets.


Capture and analyze only what is needed for each asset.

Get The Most Out Of Your Assets

Error-checking and validation with built-in color-coded alerts allow you to focus on the right assets at the right time.

Easy To Learn & Use

Less than half a day is needed to train your field operators.

Facilitate Collaboration

Communications that are otherwise lost in emails and texts are stored in one place.

Leverage Your SCADA Investments

Spend less time capturing data and more time optimizing your assets.