Volumes Management

The oil and gas extracted at the well site is directly equated to your revenue. Accurate, real-time, reliable recording and reporting is truly business-critical. Excalibur Volumes Management gives you the functions you need to ensure you’re concentrating assets and resources where they can be most valuable.


Real-Time Data Capture & Reporting. Integrated with our Energy Production Accounting (EPA) module, Excalibur’s Volumes Management system equips you with the production visibility and recording you need to better manage operations and address mandates.


Daily Production

Accurately track daily oil, gas and water production volumes. Volumes are allocated to wells based on well test and down time and provide daily production tracking, reporting and analysis.

Energy Production Accounting

The Excalibur Energy Production Accounting (EPA) module provides transactional data including sales, production, well test and well downtime to create well history detail for each production period. Monthly transactional data can be manually entered or uploaded via Excalibur Data Interchange.

Production Regulatory Reporting

Excalibur Production Regulatory Reporting (PRR) eases the efforts required for production regulatory reporting to state and federal agencies. The PRR module provides extensive regulatory setup and mapping to meet the individual requirements of these different agencies, using allocated well data from the Energy Production Accounting (EPA) module.