Land Management

Land leaders in the upstream oil & gas industry are under intense pressure to drive business value for their companies. Land management is a significant part of that issue. Acquisitions and divestitures, joint ownership, and shifting government policies complicate the situation. Excalibur is designed for reliable tracking of lease ownership, land division, mineral deeds, and legal contracts.


Centralized, Streamlined Lease, & Contract Management. Land management is arguably the most important part of the oil and gas business. Tracking ownership rights and royalties, interpreting contracts and protecting interests is paramount to managing both the land and risk to your company.


Land Division Orders

The Excalibur Land Division Order (LDO) system is a complete entitlement, contractual maintenance, and revenue division of interest management tool. This system tracks revenue by contract, purchaser, and working interest (WI) owner, and automatically creates disbursement division orders in the revenue system.

Land Lease Records

The Excalibur Land Lease Records (LLR) system is a comprehensive lease records and land management database that can be used independently or fully integrated with other Excalibur systems. Lease tracking, formatting, reporting, and LLR maintenance functionality provide a complete oil and gas reporting and maintenance system.

Land Legal Contracts

The Excalibur Land Legal Contracts (LLC) handles not only land-related contracts, but all oil- and gas-related contracts as well as other company contracts. An integrated informational system that provides database access to contract information, LLC tracks contract data, obligations, associated area, contractual parties, remarks, and insurance information.

Land Mineral Deeds

The Excalibur Land Mineral Deeds (LMD) system provides a powerful information base for fee lands and fee lands under lease. Designed to simplify and enhance the management of complex fee ownership, LMD accommodates data that covers multiple estates in land and a variety of fee lands under lease including commercial, industrial, agricultural and recreational leasehold estates.