Gas Management

Natural gas production is reaching record levels in the U.S. Consequently, precise management of this abundant resource is vital to profitability. From contractual management to balancing and nominations, Excalibur’s cost-effective services help you maximize your margins.


Make The Most Of Every Opportunity. The shift to natural gas as a significant energy source is underway. You need the best accounting and management services as your business ramps up to take advantage of this new development in oil and gas.


Gas Availability

The Gas Availability system is an integrated informational system that provides database access to well production split on a working interest owner level for nominations. Gas Availability maintains entitlement and marketing volumes for each working interest owner in the well and establishes a database of wells with estimated daily production and marketing information.

Gas Balancing

The Excalibur Gas Balancing integrated system calculates well level volume imbalances (over and under) for each working interest owner. Using data integrated from the Land Division Orders and Gas Accounting systems, Gas Balancing prevents duplication of data entry and maintains data integrity across multiple systems. 

Gas Contracts Accounting

The Excalibur Gas Contracts/Accounting system is designed specifically to handle natural gas contracts, provides the accounting capabilities to properly audit revenue for disbursement, and integrates invoicing and payables for third-party sale and gas purchases.

Gas Deal Maker

A front-end option for capturing information from purchase and sales deals for later processing to Gas Nominations and Gas Contracts/Accounting, the Gas Deal Maker system Matches markets and supplies to create a deal and evaluate profitability and transportation costs.

Gas Nominations

Excalibur’s Gas Nominations system provides the control that a gas manager needs to account for daily nominations and daily gas prices for gas production. In addition to calculating and reporting gas transportation on a daily and monthly basis, Gas Nominations integrates with Gas Accounting to bill relevant to nominations and actuals.