Business Intelligence & Reporting

You have more data than ever before. The challenge is transforming that data into information that you can use to run your business better. Our Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Reporting tools bring value to data and provide support for business decisions that increase profits, decrease costs, and drive business success.


The Right Reports. Superior Intelligence. Smarter Decisions. Great decisions are made with real-time, accurate information. P2 offers multiple reporting capabilities that support the needs of every person in your company, so they have the insights they need to make the best decisions.


Ad Hoc Query Writer

Just point and click to create reports without writing report syntax. Seamlessly export report results to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or the Excalibur Report Manager while controlling report access and updates.

Excalibur SQL Connect

Big data? No problem. Excalibur SQL Connect provides a scalable process that can easily handle large amounts of data efficiently and in a timely manner. Excalibur SQL Connect features scripts and packages to extract data from Excalibur and transfer it to Microsoft SQL Server database.