P2® Excalibur

P2 Excalibur is accounting software for upstream oil and gas professionals.

For 40 years, P2 Excalibur has been helping accountants in U.S. E&P companies improve efficiencies and achieve greater value for complex oil and gas accounting operations.


Financial Accounting

Fully integrated with P2’s suite of enterprise operational planning and land management software, P2 Excalibur’s Financial Accounting Module includes everything you need to better manage cash, budgeting, reporting, and vendor analysis.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

A winning business intelligence and reporting strategy revolves around getting actionable information to the right people at the right time. Within our solution, you’ll find ad hoc query writing capabilities, real-time data access, and P2 Excalibur SQL Connect which replicates your data in a standard relational database for easy reporting.

Oil & Gas Accounting

From asset management to authorization for expenditures (AFE) and joint interest billing (JIB), to royalty and tax reporting, we have you covered. P2 Excalibur’s Oil and Gas Accounting module can help you get the most value from assets and control your costs. 

Land Management

Land management is one of the most important activities in your organization. P2 Excalibur’s Land Management module (developed around oil and gas industry best practices), our IT knowledge, and deep resource pool give you all the functionality you need to ensure timely, efficient management of leases, deeds, records, and contracts.

Why P2 Excalibur?

REPLACES spreadsheets and manual, error-prone processes with best-in-class software that boasts an intuitive UI built for growth-oriented customers


AUTOMATES time-consuming accounting practices enabling staff to be more efficient


CONFIGURABLE and able to conform to your organization’s unique and changing needs

STREAMLINES cross-department communication allowing for faster exchange of data and information


ENABLES predictable budgeting with monthly and annual costs that are easy to forecast


DELIVERS a low total cost of ownership (TCO)

P2 Excalibur's Features

Configurable software that can be implemented quickly

Available as a cloud-based or on-premise solution

Integration with most third-party systems/applications

Active and supportive user community

Easy to learn (intuitive navigation and logical structure)

Scalable to manage and support hundreds or tens of thousands of properties

Ability to easily generate reports to analyze data

Provides audit and internal controls to meet the most stringent compliance requirements (GAAP, SOX)

Helps manage capital and operational costs as well as forecast project revenue potential


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