Enterprise Upstream Revenue is a robust ownership, revenue management, and regulatory reporting solution designed to reduce the time to manage the revenue process through integration and automation. In addition to the core functionality of valuation, distribution, and regulatory filing, Enterprise Upstream manages well head imbalances, marketing interest, dual accounting for federal and Indian owned lands, accrual, and escheat management. Standard features include PPA management, automated integration with production, and land and LOS reporting.


Flexbility & Configurability

There has been an increase in complexity of oil and gas revenue processing; from the sophistication of royalty owners, changes in government filing, to an increase in numbers of partners and transactions from nonconventional operations. Enterprise Upstream’s scalability, clients with over one billion transactions annually, and configurability, including owner level exceptional components capability, ensure Enterprise Upstream will meet your revenue processing requirements.

Visibility & Transparency

There is no “Black Box”  in Enterprise Upstream.  Each process has very detailed logs and data posted to data tables so the user can ensure the accuracy and auditability of the process.

Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory reporting is integrated with revenue processing, supporting both paper and electronic filing with full audit tracking and ability to process separately from core revenue distribution.  P2 limits the risk of penalties and fines from filing late or with errors while also meeting the revenue distribution needs of partners and reducing risk of partner audits.  P2 also supports changes to regulatory filing for supported reports.