P2® Enterprise Upstream

P2 Enterprise Upstream is an oil and gas ERP solution covering land, production, joint venture accounting, and revenue accounting. It’s integrated with Oracle financials and designed for the largest upstream companies.

When combined with P2 Merrick and P2 Land, it provides field through financial processing that yields unmatched visibility into your operations, a reduction in overall costs, and increased profitability.


Unconventional & Shale Management

P2 Enterprise Upstream provides an edge for unconventional and international operators through cost containment and LOE and AFE management; improved data access through a single global instance and web-based analytics; and scalability to manage very high numbers of wells, owners, partners, suppliers, and transactions through automated and integrated processes.

Field to Financials in a Single Solution

P2 Enterprise Upstream provides a single source of truth and standard processes across operations, geographic areas, and business units. Reducing spreadsheets and increasing auditability, P2 Enterprise Upstream ensures accuracy of data, which improves decision support to maximize margins and operational efficiencies.

Scalability, Supporting Your Growth

P2 Enterprise Upstream’s oil and gas configuration capabilities, solution architecture, and security and audit controls lay a foundation for scalability and growth. Not only does the software offer the field to financial functionality you require, but you will never have to worry about scalability of transaction counts (EU supports clients processing over a billion transactions annually) or audit controls (due to deep functionality including row level audit capabilities).


P2 offers integrated workflows across the front and back office including P2 Land division order and lease management, laying the foundation for revenue distribution and JVA management. Additionally, there's tight integration of accounting AFE with operational field based AFE creation, approval, and review. Reduce AFE overspending by providing the operational team with a real-time view into the AFE budget, field estimates, and actuals from accounting.

Why P2 Enterprise Upstream?

PROVIDES field through financial workflows with faster access to consistent information across organizations


MEETS complex business requirements through its depth and breadth of functionality

STREAMLINES conversion and integraton of acquired properties


HELPS control and reduce operating costs

P2 Enterprise Upstream Features

Integrates with Oracle financials

Interfaces with third-party software including SAP

Can be deployed as an integrated package or as a point solution using selected modules

Can be installed onsite using company servers or can be delivered as a hosted solution to reduce IT costs

Supports metric and imperial units

Supports multiple currencies for transactions and reporting


The P2 Enterprise Upstream Team